Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waiting for the Glue to Dry

After reading a book on GOOD MAIL (about creating artful envelopes), I dove into a birthday project for my best friend. Oh my, fun...and challenging. Her birthday is Friday and I am sitting here watching glue dry (very slowly). Hopefully this card will go in the mail this afternoon. And...instead of being gutsy (like a true artist is supposed to be) I am putting this endeavor in an outer protective envelope to mail. Oh well, maybe next time I will send a project on without protection. Yikes--what jump in faith that will be!

Here is my first artsy envelope:



Photographs and Art by Elisabeth Bacon

All Rights Reserved

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Diane AZ said...

Your artsy envelope looks like it would be fun to make and receive. Yes, maybe next time mail one without protection so the folks at the post office can enjoy it too. :)