Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gold Stars--A Secret Ingredient

Creative people need praise and encouragement. Praise for a job well done. Encouragement to keep going and keep continue succeeding. If noone is giving you the praise you need, do it yourself. SILENTLY PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK...AND...Give Yourself A Gold Star.

You are alive...give yourself a gold star. If you are momentarily down and make your bed, give yourself a gold star. Is there one thing you accomplished today? Even the smallest thing counts...One gold star coming up.

You are are important to yourself...some days you are all you've got (especially if you are good at what you do).

You are here...that makes you important. You are someone. There is no one like you.

Bring on the Gold Stars!!!!!

Remember: Be good, Do good, then Strive to Be Better!

And...hand out gold stars, some praise and a kind word or two.


Maria said...

Gold stars. what a good reminder...I remember when I would get gold stars on my homework in was really nice..sometimes when the teacher ran out she would have shiny blue, green or red ones....I think there are some great ideas brewing in my mind with these gold stars..thanks for the spark! You get a gold star for this, of course.... Maria

Light and Voices said...

You have unlimited gold stars because your work is always excellent. As you know, I think your photography is better than Ansel Adams! Could that be a silver star, gold star, black star, white star yes a star for sure.

Indigo said...

Delightful reminder that we all matter and everything little detail is important, no matter how small we perceive it to be. (Hugs)Indigo

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

This is a hard thing for me to wrap around.

On one hand, I do love to tell people how much I appreciate something they have done, and I hand out compliments only when I believe 100% in what I'm saying...(no one shall ever receive an empty compliment from me)

I do believe I'm good at looking at my own work and appreciating, giving myself a pat on the back (or the gold star) when I believe I've done something well....

What I'm very bad at, is accepting or taking compliments from others. I'm not a negator, meaning, I don't hear a compliment and instantly point out everything I see was wrong (which when people do that I think they are instantly begging for more compliments) What happens to me is I feel an itch, a squirm, an uncomfortable sensation that I don't know where to place or what to do with it.

Basically, I don't handle compliments very well, which could explain why most of the work I do, I do anonymous or with a pseudonym.

I know, I'm a strange duck who runs from gold stars unless I'm silently giving it to myself~~