Sunday, May 30, 2010

Playing with Envelope Embellishments (Day11/14 Images...Working on #15)

Am having a fun time playing with drawings with which to decorate envelopes. Started playing around with folk kitty cat drawing. Will post soon. This departure is most enjoyable. Getting away from the computer is refreshing. Who would have thunk it?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Feeling Fantastic----Day 10/14 Images so Far

Wow...just got off my new/used Airdyne Exercise Bike and I feel great. Exercise is an important part of creativity and I hate to admit how negligent I have been. A new plan is in effect now. Every day I will ride and increase time and speed on the bike slowly.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. Please stay safe.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Miracles Do Happen--Day 9/14 Images To Date

Yesterday I found a used Airdyne Exercise Bike for $30. Now over twenty years ago, I sat on an Airdyne and fell in love with it. It was too rich for my blood and I had to pass. However, I made a mental note: If I ever would see a used Airdyne at a reasonable price, I would get it. Now, twenty years later, I found it! Ask and receive. How simple is that?

Sitting near the bike was an IBM electric typewriter with ribbons. I have missed typing on an electric typewriter. Don't ask me why because I don't know. With all the things computers do, why would anyone in their right mind want a typewriter. Well, perhaps I am old school. I love to hear clicking of typewriter keys and the ding at the end of each line. on the book will begin on the typewriter, then be transferred to the computer. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be physically cutting and pasting while adding lots of handwritten notes--a true, real authentic first draft!

We also found a General Electric Waffle Grill. The reverse side of the waffle panels is for pancakes. We have an earlier model and it is on its last legs. we have backup. Yea! There is nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich done on a waffle grill! No plain buttered and toasted bread here...we have checkerboard squares.

After reading other journals...successful ones, I am in a quandary. Is it really necessary to swear a lot in a blog? I don't get it. I know the words, yet wonder how crucial they are to content. Something I need to think about. My take on this is: If a person doesn't have to swear, then...why do it?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 8/14 -- SkyWatch

Today is Day 8 and these three SkyWatch images bring the image total to well on my way to 365 images in 365 days.

To see more SkyWatch Friday images from around the world, please click on the icon above.

The week we had several storms complete with lightning and thunder. After the storms, these skies appeared. The first one is another "blue eye." I love looking for those holes in the clouds. The next two are majestic accumulations of light and air and water.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lesson Learned (Day 7/11) Yesterday--Day 6

One needs to set realistic goals. Doing a perfected image every day may be too much. One has to take a time out. Yesterday I crashed...couldn't do a thing. Today am feeling better, but not sure if I will shoot, or not. Have completed 11 images in less than a shall see. Eleven images completed. That's a lot. My original thought was to do 365 images in 365 days. That may still be possible. Time will tell...

Another question I have to ask myself is: Have you created another diversion? Is this a way to skirt around working on the book? These questions need to be addressed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

So Much for Planning--Forget It! (Day 5/11)

After writing and posting today's previous blog entry, I looked over and saw the peonies with pewter sitting there waiting for me to take the shot. So I did.

Then (and I can't believe I did this) when I decided to move the files from my camera to my computer, I accidentally deleted all images in the camera (including the Peonies with Cherries taken yesterday). OMG!

Thank goodness for a file retrieval program which by the way, I don't really know how to use. After playing around with the retrieval program, the creativity gods must have been on my side and I was actually able to save all lost images.

Found today's Peonies and Pewter and was able to create a JPEG for posting. Yea!!!


Next I went into yesterday's images and found Peonies with Pewter and Cherries.
I love this shot.


What a morning! Perhaps now I will clean and sort? We'll see...nothing is written in stone.

Daily Challenges (Day 5/9)

Creativity has a rhythm to it and each person has to find his or her own beat. I used to think up photographs, paintings, drawings, or articles each evening, then implement those ideas the next day. Somehow I got out of the habit and now I am working to find a workable creative process again.

The Challenge: There are other things to do during the day in addition to being creative.

Today I want to sort and clean out. And, I may want to do this for more than one day. Sorting and cleaning is important to my creative energy. If bills need to be paid, or clutter remains, I am not a happy camper. First things first. Clean up the clutter (whatever it is), then create.

Mornings are best for attacking any project here. This morning I will choose one chore and complete it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Peonies in Stoneware Refined (Day4//9)

Peonies (Refined)

Preparing a Still Life (Day4/9)

Weather: Thick Fog

Last week I cleaned the kitchen (after the microwave fire) and put this antique Ball jar to one side. Yesterday's peony purchase seems to fit well. So, I handheld the D300 to get this shot as the beginning of a still life with fruit. This image is cropped straight from the camera and is a bit "soft," but I like the "softness" and decided to leave it. I will take another shot using a tripod just for the heck of it, but I am very happy with these soft edges which seem to transport one back in time. Also, normally I use a reflecting panel on the dark side, but in this image I allowed the flowers to fade away a bit into the background.

Peonies (Handheld)

Tripod shot is better for clarity, but not necessarily better for mood and the zest that comes with spontaneity. The tripod shot had to be straightened and where straightened filled in with background color. More fill, one the edges, is needed to perfect the tripod image (below)

Peonies (Tripod)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Conjuring Up An Idea-Part I of the Process (Day 3/7 Images)

Weather: Occasional Cloudbursts and a Smattering of Sunshine

We went to town to look for props. Visited what was once my favorite resale shop. What a disappointment. Their prices are quite high. We used to able to find treasures there for very little money. This is no longer the case.

So...instead...we went to the market for fresh peonies, cherries and white grapes. I am playing with a still life arrangement, but the idea has not gelled yet. After a short nap perhaps a Renaissance-style setup will emerge. Or, the answer may be hiding in the prop cabinet--somewhere between pewter plates and stoneware jugs.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Revising Oriental Flower Panel (Day 2/7)

Weather: Rain

This image was taken in town, at a takeout place, and posted in April. At the time, I wanted to refine the image, but didn't because refining wasn't going to be easy. Today the improvement process began. The top image is the original post and the second is the result after several hours of nit picking. Modern technology continues to amaze me.

THE ORIENT (Original)

THE ORIENT (Revised)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

SkyWatch Friday (Day 1/365/6)

To see more sky images click on the icon above.

We have had wild skyscapes this week. My favorite is the first image as the storm clouds break revealing an eye of blue.

After the Storm

Reflection in a Puddle


A Panoramic View

Making a Plan (DAY 1/365--2 Images)

The PLAN is: Shoot (and/or write, revise, draw, or paint) every day for one year and post the results--good or bad with comments. At first I was going to say shoot a still life every day for a year, but sometimes it is fun going outside. So, with still life images in mind, I will broaden my horizons and give myself some leeway. Also, by adding writing, revising, drawing or painting to the mix, I am afforded an opportunity to think and put my thoughts and painted or drawn images on cyberpaper.

Here is my first entry. We went shopping yesterday and these peonies caught my eye. I couldn't leave them there. They are so full and rich with color. How delicate! This morning I printed out three Peony cards. I hope the recipients will feel the same beauty as I.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010


OMG! Did I give the impression I get depressed while stuck? Oh my, no...that is definitely not the case. In fact, every month (at least once a month), I get stuck. And, every month I confront this happening knowing that "this too shall pass" and when it does there will be something new in its place. This stuckiness (my word which is not currently in the dictionary) is crucial to the work. Without it, I would never strive to improve. So, I welcome stuckiness.

Thank you Steve Gallow for sending a link to the talk on creativity. Creativity is such a vast subject with many turns and variations. How exciting it all is! Thank you, thank you.

Moving right is this morning's fun. Emma is a star. And...stars need head shots. This morning Emma went for her GLAM head shot and here is the choice (so far):


Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon--All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Darn it, I need a challenge. Now, I know there is always more one can learn about photography and art, however for some reason, I am stuck. Thud! How is this possible? Once one has mastered the basics and explored some unknown territories, it is time to push forward. Which way to go? What to do next? Any suggestions dear reader?

Perhaps back to drawing? Painting? Take a walk? Read a book? Watch a movie? Clean the house?

The secret of photography (and art) is seeing...seeing differently. Is it is time for an eye exam?

Even though's my motto as a reminder:

"Be good, do good work...Strive to be the best."

Surprise, Surprise!

The surprise is: microwaves can be hotter than imagined. A couple of days ago, our microwave decided to reject programming and do its own thing. There was a "tick, tick, tick" then smoke poured from beneath the unit, as I ran outside screaming "Help! Help!" Now, here is another surprise...Did you know? Men want an explanation when someone yells, "Help." Dammit, "Help" means Help and that means men fast as your widdle legs will carry you to the point of distress. Do not not pass go, do not collect $200, or ask, "What?" RUN to the source!

Bottom line...the microwave was scurried outside, dowsed with water and disposed of as rapidly as possible. All is well.

Hope you all have a great day, keep in touch and do good! And, remember to bless your microwave while you enjoy each reheated cup of coffee.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Poppy Bloom Pops

Hard rains dowsed the gardens last night. This morning another poppy bloom appeared dripping with raindrops.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Poppy Is Blooming

Every Spring I wait for the poppies. I love their crepe look and how the light filters through the petals. Have been working with Emma and Jesse. Hope to have something worthwhile featuring them to post soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emma Arrived

Yesterday Emma came to our house. Soon after her arrival we went out shopping to get her white sneakers and a denim jacket. I had planned do a portrait shot of her today, but the weather interfered. As soon as possible, I will do one. In the meantime, here is a snapshot of Emma and Jesse.


Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon--All Rights Reserved

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here's A Tip

This week I printed out three images for submission in a photography competition. Today I stamped the back of each print with my copyright notice.

Suggestion: Have a rubber stamp made containing:

Copyright symbol + Your Name
All Rights Reserved

Another line stating, Do Not Reproduce
could be added, if desired.

Then, if for any reason, you need to leave your copyright off the face of a print, you can mark the images on the back with a stamped copyright notice.