Wednesday, May 19, 2010


OMG! Did I give the impression I get depressed while stuck? Oh my, no...that is definitely not the case. In fact, every month (at least once a month), I get stuck. And, every month I confront this happening knowing that "this too shall pass" and when it does there will be something new in its place. This stuckiness (my word which is not currently in the dictionary) is crucial to the work. Without it, I would never strive to improve. So, I welcome stuckiness.

Thank you Steve Gallow for sending a link to the talk on creativity. Creativity is such a vast subject with many turns and variations. How exciting it all is! Thank you, thank you.

Moving right is this morning's fun. Emma is a star. And...stars need head shots. This morning Emma went for her GLAM head shot and here is the choice (so far):


Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon--All Rights Reserved

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EBet said...

I like your word, it's a good one! Emma is very photogenic.