Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Challenges (Day 5/9)

Creativity has a rhythm to it and each person has to find his or her own beat. I used to think up photographs, paintings, drawings, or articles each evening, then implement those ideas the next day. Somehow I got out of the habit and now I am working to find a workable creative process again.

The Challenge: There are other things to do during the day in addition to being creative.

Today I want to sort and clean out. And, I may want to do this for more than one day. Sorting and cleaning is important to my creative energy. If bills need to be paid, or clutter remains, I am not a happy camper. First things first. Clean up the clutter (whatever it is), then create.

Mornings are best for attacking any project here. This morning I will choose one chore and complete it.

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