Monday, May 24, 2010

So Much for Planning--Forget It! (Day 5/11)

After writing and posting today's previous blog entry, I looked over and saw the peonies with pewter sitting there waiting for me to take the shot. So I did.

Then (and I can't believe I did this) when I decided to move the files from my camera to my computer, I accidentally deleted all images in the camera (including the Peonies with Cherries taken yesterday). OMG!

Thank goodness for a file retrieval program which by the way, I don't really know how to use. After playing around with the retrieval program, the creativity gods must have been on my side and I was actually able to save all lost images.

Found today's Peonies and Pewter and was able to create a JPEG for posting. Yea!!!


Next I went into yesterday's images and found Peonies with Pewter and Cherries.
I love this shot.


What a morning! Perhaps now I will clean and sort? We'll see...nothing is written in stone.


Eaglesbrother said...

Simply put....Awesome !!!!!
I especially like the one with the Cherries.

Shawn said...

Glad you were able to get back your images.
The cherries and peonies shot is fantastic.