Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fine Tuning

Have been playing in Photoshop honing this image taken a few days ago. What a difference a few changes in tone and hue make.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hydrangeas After The Storm and A Lone Holly Hock

Promised I would shoot hydrangeas today, so here they are. May do more tomorrow. I love the delicate shades of these blooms. I find them romantic.

Love the raindrops on this one (Holly Hock):

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clarifying and My Guidelines

Yesterday I wrote about copying. Imitating might be a better word for some of what I was saying. It has been said that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." I do not agree. To imitate the style of another takes away from your own unique individuality.

One person, after reading yesterday's entry, got all over me about "ranting." My reply is: This is my blog and I will say what I want in it. This blog is for me first, then the reader.

Next, regarding copying, someone did not understand what I meant and showed me a painting of peaches and a blue and white plate implying that I had copied that painting when I took a picture of peaches with a blue and white plate. No way!!!! Let me set the record straight. Peaches have been painted for centuries. My image titled Peaches and Canton, is:

1. a photograph not a painting.
2. was totally my own idea from start to finish.

I own the plate. I bought the peaches. I put them together. I did not refer to anyone else's work. I did not imitate, or copy. By the way, that photograph of mine is one of my best! I am extremely proud of it.

The topic also came up about taking and then posting photographs taken in public. I don't do that. Period. Photographs I take at zoos and public parks, etc., are snapshots for my personal photograph album...not for posting or publishing.

I get signed releases for anyone else's identifiable/recognizable property at the time of the shoot, i.e. a home, boat, car, etc. The same is true for any photographs of people. I have them sign a release form that I file away with copies of the image(s). I give the person a copy of the photograph after it has been developed. That is my gift to them. By doing this, I am covered should I wish to publish that photograph at a later time.

I was told years ago: If an item, or property is not yours, or if you did not make it, then you need a signed release form, or permission to publish a photograph of it. In general, this is the rule I follow. This is one of the reasons I buy and use antiques and antiquities in my photographs. They are no longer under copyright. They are over 100 years old. Also, I never take a photograph of any item bearing a trademark, or copyright without asking permission first.

Photographers should contact an attorney with any questions they have about copyrights and/or invasion of privacy issues.

What I was saying yesterday is one can be inspired by other people's paintings, writings, sculptures, performance, etc. Be inspired, then go and create something all your own. That is it in a nutshell!

There are exceptions to the above guidelines, however I try my best to stick to my rules.

Oh, and in conclusion, if a friend shares an idea, concept, or something they would like to do, I do not then do that thing before they have had the chance to put their plans into action. That is not nice.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sounding Off--Climbing Up On A Soapbox

Okay, here goes... It has been a while since I posted a Soapbox entry. Today's issue is on ethics in the arts, or do unto others...etc.

We all are inspired by the work of others. The challenge is to then take that inspiration and walk a different path--to do something unique that is completely our own. This approach can be applied to any art form (and in the real world of business too).

I am interested in ventriloquism. I am inspired by a man who is having a delightful time imagining and creating a life for a sock monkey. So, instead of doing what he is doing, I purchased some vent figures and puppets and began creating my own character persona's and routines for them. I even enrolled in a course for ventriloquists and am practicing like crazy. Writing the routines is the most challenging thing I have done in a long, long time.

Recently, when I shared a puppet publicly, some liked the idea so much "they" decided to copy me. (I am using "they" instead of "he" or "she" for obvious reasons.) They informed me that they will probably buy puppets identical to what I have (which, by the way is impossible...but that is another story). A momentary Bummer...sheesh, and just when I was beginning to have some fun. Lesson: Do not share what you are doing prematurely...refine your craft, then share. Lesson learned. big deal...I shall follow my dream...

Okay folks, here is where I draw the line. I realize it is a free county and I realize the fun of being creative (which I encourage wholeheartedly)...however...go and do your own thing. I do not find copying attractive. Copying is stealing. We have copyright laws because people steal by copying and want to take the easy way out. There is no free lunch. There is no easy way. Becoming an artist requires a lot of work, determination, monetary investment, practice and originality. inspired, then take that inspiration and transform it into something that is yours and yours alone. Forge your own path. This is true in photography, painting, sculpture, writing, dance, the performing arts and actually in any endeavor. This is the way of a true artist. Any other way is fake and not what being an artist is about. Be yourself. Express yourself. Why would you want to be a copy of someone else? What fun is that? Set an yourself.

Reminder: Be inspired, then forge a different path. Be unique.

FYI: Some puppet and figure makers have conditions on use, so be sure to ask if there are any restrictions on how you use and promote the figure/puppet before buying. If you agree to the conditions, then by all means go for it, but please ask first, so you aren't unexpectedly surprised later.

In Closing: I sincerely wish you all the best as you walk your unique path...may many blessings come your way.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Rest of the Story: My figures are one-of-a-kind. "One of a kind" means just that...they are not available for sale to, or use by, anyone else.

ADDENDUM: Your ingredients may be similar [to another's*], but if the recipe is different, your cake will be different as a result--your cake will be your very own creation. Thank you Connie.
* my words added for clarity

Thursday, June 24, 2010


If you would like to see more sky images from around the world, click on the SkyWatch icon above.

Here were are again. It is sooooo warm here. Finally last night I scooted out to catch the sunset. I can feel the heat hanging in the air in the first image. It was stifling.

Photographs by Elisabeth Bacon
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Late Afternoon

Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon
All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 18, 2010


Found time to shoot peaches...oh, how I love them. Their colors and the textures always are fabulous, fascinating and intriguing.

Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sky Watch--Drama

If you would like to see sky images, from around, the world. Click on the SkyWatch icon below.

This week's skies were phenomenal. The cloud formations were spectacular and I have way too many to post. So, I shall post last night's sunset.

Photographs by Elisabeth Bacon
All Rights Reserved

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Monkeys and I Go For A Haircut

This experience should be a hoot. We are heading out in a few minutes to get haircuts. I have to tell you that my hairdresser is a naysayer when it comes to my puppets. Not sure why, but ever since I showed up with Dog, he hasn't been the same. I will do it again. Is he prepared for the "crazy lady?" I doubt it. He...he...he...this is going to be fun. Am I bad, or what?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SkyWatch--A Sunset Symphony Walk

To see more skies from around the world, please click on the icon above.

Another week flew by and here we are at SkyWatch. The images below were taken after a huge thunderstorm. I am always in awe of magnificent skies. They are like superb paintings--layered with explosions of color. Do I think a series of sunset and sunrises could be put to music? Oh yes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surrounded by Monkeys...Or...My Best Friends May Be Dummies

How did all this start? I'm not sure exactly, but now this ventriloquist thing may be getting out of hand. Today I bought eight monkey babies (as backup) and the other day I ordered three monkey puppets off ebay. Have I lost my mind? having lots of fun that's all.

Got to thinking and here are some benefits to traveling with a puppet or a dummy.

The benefits of are:

1. You can have them say anything, to anyone, at any time and get away with it.
2. You are never alone.
3. The conversation is always interesting.
4. When you speak, they listen.
5. Every day is an adventure.
6. You meet lots of nice people.

Today I took one monkey baby out to meet my friend for lunch. Poor lady, she didn't know what to do. She really, truly, did not want the monkey to come out of my purse. Every time I reached in my purse for something, she would say..."," and turn pale.

After lunch the three of us (monkey included) were sitting in rockers on the restaurant's front porch. The monkey, now out of purse, was participating in the conversation, when a friend of my friend strolled by and they exchanged a few cordial words.

Then, said Marcia, "Meet monkey," not knowing what else to say.

"Awww... Hi, baby," the passerby cooed. "Where did you get him?," she asked.

"Well...." I hesitated...searching for an answer. "He was sitting on my porch this morning and must have jumped into my purse. He wanted pancakes. we are."

My friend introduced me. "And... this is my crazy friend Betty."

"You made my day," the passerby replied, as she turned and headed to her car.

So...dear readers...I may be crazy. Who knows? But, crazy, or not, I am still smiling and that lady has a story to tell all her friends about meeting a lady and a monkey at lunch! How many people can say that?

Hehehe...monkey and I couldn't be happier. Ain't life grand?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


To see skies from around the world, click on the icon above.

Another week has flown by and here we are again. Skywatch Friday...time to post is upon us. Thank goodness I kept my eyes open this week.

Meet My Monkey

Snapshot of Monkey
(Monkey Made by Hosung NY Trading, Inc. Copyright 1994 )

Found this little guy yesterday and am having tons of fun with him. Next...a name. Hmmmmmm....

Change of Plan

Scrapping the commitment. The heck with that...365 images in 365 days...forget it! It may happen anyway, but putting that kind of pressure on myself, at this stage of the game, is ridiculous. The best images come when one is receptive, in a good mood and in good form. At least that is what I find to be true. To do anything other than relax and let the creative juices flow is awful. Lesson learned. It is good to have goals, however...if you have a goal, keep it to yourself. Talking about it dilutes the power and creative energy.

Remember: Creativity loves an atmosphere of play. Play and the muse may join in the fun.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monday Day 12--Today Day 13 (14 Images and Holding)

Life's interrupted. Working on new setups and voices for vent figures. Feeling bad that I missed a couple of days of blogging, however life goes on. Will post photograph and embellishments as soon as I can.