Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preparing a Still Life (Day4/9)

Weather: Thick Fog

Last week I cleaned the kitchen (after the microwave fire) and put this antique Ball jar to one side. Yesterday's peony purchase seems to fit well. So, I handheld the D300 to get this shot as the beginning of a still life with fruit. This image is cropped straight from the camera and is a bit "soft," but I like the "softness" and decided to leave it. I will take another shot using a tripod just for the heck of it, but I am very happy with these soft edges which seem to transport one back in time. Also, normally I use a reflecting panel on the dark side, but in this image I allowed the flowers to fade away a bit into the background.

Peonies (Handheld)

Tripod shot is better for clarity, but not necessarily better for mood and the zest that comes with spontaneity. The tripod shot had to be straightened and where straightened filled in with background color. More fill, one the edges, is needed to perfect the tripod image (below)

Peonies (Tripod)

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