Friday, October 3, 2008

Good Morning

A new day...hooray!

This journal is a fresh start. I have decided to let the old go out and to bring in the new. How else can we grow and get new ideas. The fall season is a perfect time for cleaning out. A good example is cleaning out around the house. Clean out a closet and toss, or give away, anything you are not wearing. It feels so good. Once emptied out, you will have room for some new things to come in.

The same is true in life and also with creativity. Letting go of resentments, sets us free...we take a load off our shoulders. With creativity, by letting go of old ideas, patterns and routines, we free ourselves up to be receptive of new and fresh approaches.

After letting go, pay attention. Begin seeing in a new and different way. Become childlike when looking at the world. How amazing things are when seen with a child's eyes. What do we see that we have missed in the past? Make a list. Take notes. These notes and observances may be fodder for new projects.

Affirmation: I am willing to let go.
Remember: Be good, Do Good, Strive To Be Better

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Indigo said...

I was thinking about that yesterday...letting go of the old and starting new. Some part of me misses the old journal and it's sentimental place in my heart. Yet I'm finding the challenges with the new place, along with ongoing home improvements enlightening to say the least. (Hugs)Indigo