Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Blooms--Berries Instead

The current Blogger's Community Photo Challenge is Spooky. Click on Photo Challenge Spooky image to go there. Please feel free to enter. Check out the Guidelines and go for it. My image is NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN THE JUDGING PROCESS.

Went out to get Morning Glory shots....no way. While there, I found some berries. Came up with this strange shot (Below) and decided to post it. The way some images come into being continues to amaze me. Sometimes they simply evolve and take on a life of their own.

Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon 2008
All Rights Reserved

Happy Halloween!


Light and Voices said...

Magical light is the key to this photo. B/W prints speak to the soul. Appreciate your hard work. Good job! Betty, you are a master of light.

MariesImages said...

Interesting image, lighting is lovely.
I clicked on image to view larger but it didn't work.

Vicki said...

Betty, this may not be a typical 'spooky' image, but the lighting is perfect. Who would have thought berries could be so eerie. :)

CONNIE said...

very very interesting-one can imagine lots of things looking at this.

Martha said...

Beautiful image! It's so nice to have you playing along on the photo challenges.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for leaving your comment on my photo blog. I was attemping the distorted swirl the other day it is an interesting feature in Abobe. Thank you for sharing!

Your berries were lonely looking. and lonely can be spooky:)