Thursday, October 2, 2008


Welcome...Y'all come on in. Pull up your rocking chair and get comfortable.

Coming here every morning is going to take some getting used to for all of us who have been with AOL J-Land for years. However, I like the look of this new neighborhood and am looking forward to setting up residence here.

In this journal, I may digress from creativity and talk about all sorts of things...what the heck, this is my journal, right?

Again, welcome...It is good to see you. And...The sun is is a good day!

Affirmation: Change is a good thing.
Remember: Be Good, Do Good, Strive To Be Better!


Indigo said...

It is indeed your place to reflect or do whatever you please with. I'm enjoying the opportunity to be along for the ride. (Hugs)Indigo

Light and Voices said...

Your renaissance style is fantastic!