Monday, September 21, 2009

What Makes a Good Photograph Good?

This morning we were looking over lots of good, and not so good, photographs. What is the difference? The best photographs are taken by people who care, photographers who know what they want to share and who focus decisively. The best photographers plan. Their shots are not taken willy nilly. Study the work of others. Soon you will see the differences. There are differences between amateur and professional.

Ask: How can I do that? Experiment. Strive to be the best. You can do it.


Rebecca Anne said...

I know your photography has delighted me, inspired me, and captivated me for several years now.
As for a good photograph, I know what I take is typically passable. Could be I don't have an eye for it, or my 100 dollar camera, or not enough time in the field. BUT, I do know in looking at photgraphy, I can see instantly good, bad, and beautiful.......

Artlover said...

Yes, I know. I´m a teacher (Degree of bachelor of Education in Visual, culture, art and design). By looking at things, you learn to see.