Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surrounded by Monkeys...Or...My Best Friends May Be Dummies

How did all this start? I'm not sure exactly, but now this ventriloquist thing may be getting out of hand. Today I bought eight monkey babies (as backup) and the other day I ordered three monkey puppets off ebay. Have I lost my mind? Naw...am having lots of fun that's all.

Got to thinking and here are some benefits to traveling with a puppet or a dummy.

The benefits of are:

1. You can have them say anything, to anyone, at any time and get away with it.
2. You are never alone.
3. The conversation is always interesting.
4. When you speak, they listen.
5. Every day is an adventure.
6. You meet lots of nice people.

Today I took one monkey baby out to meet my friend for lunch. Poor lady, she didn't know what to do. She really, truly, did not want the monkey to come out of my purse. Every time I reached in my purse for something, she would say..." no...no...no," and turn pale.

After lunch the three of us (monkey included) were sitting in rockers on the restaurant's front porch. The monkey, now out of purse, was participating in the conversation, when a friend of my friend strolled by and they exchanged a few cordial words.

Then, said Marcia, "Meet monkey," not knowing what else to say.

"Awww... Hi, baby," the passerby cooed. "Where did you get him?," she asked.

"Well...." I hesitated...searching for an answer. "He was sitting on my porch this morning and must have jumped into my purse. He wanted pancakes. So...here we are."

My friend introduced me. "And... this is my crazy friend Betty."

"You made my day," the passerby replied, as she turned and headed to her car.

So...dear readers...I may be crazy. Who knows? But, crazy, or not, I am still smiling and that lady has a story to tell all her friends about meeting a lady and a monkey at lunch! How many people can say that?

Hehehe...monkey and I couldn't be happier. Ain't life grand?


Gallow said...

Watch out. The monkeys can get out of hand. My friend Gary has a sock monkey that's getting into all sorts of trouble.

clairz said...
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Elisabeth said...
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