Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remember To Look Around

This morning I went out to shoot hay bales in fog. Three days ago the fog was thick in the early morning hours and I missed the shot. The only solution was to wait for the fog to roll in again.

Anyway...while out shooting hay bales, I saw this critter. He was created by dew on a metal door. Another dragon in my life? Could be. So...the point is: Remember to look around because when you are focusing on one thing, you may see something else worth shooting.


Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon 2009--All Rights Reserved

P.S. For some reason my memory card failed this morning and much time has been spent retrieving the lost photos. Did you know you can retrieve lost photos by going to the homepage for your memory card and downloading a Retrieval program? Well, you can. So, if for some reason something goes awry while out shooting there is hope...you can get the lost images back.

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