Monday, October 12, 2009

Decorated Journals and Envelopes

My best friend's birthday approaches. I am behind with plans to create a special card and envelope for her. Books on decorated journals and envelopes sit open around me. The pictured envelopes are hand decorated with any and everything then sent out as gifts of art. What a wonderful idea! Today I plan to play with pens, markers, words, etc. and put together a little treasure for my friend. I will post a pic of the completed project (if it turns out).

How I would love to be able to let go and let creativity run wild. "Keep It Simple" is ingrained in my mind and these journals and envelopes are not simple. Time to push the envelope (excuse the pun) and jump out of the simplicity mode. about skeery. Oh goes... All I can say at this point is: We'll see...

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