Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reading and Renewal

E-Books are wonderful. Without leaving the cabin, words and ideas fly into my NetBook.

Reading is the best way to renew artistic vision. Recently I read THE LOST SYMBOL by Dan Brown and IGNORE EVERYBODY by Hugh MacLeod. Last night I downloaded several sample books and kept on reading previews. When feeling artistically depleted, READ. When the creative well runs dry, READ.

It continues to amaze me how ideas will pop up while immersing myself in the thoughts of others. Does reading open the door to an invisible river of thoughts--a cosmic consciousness?

A couple of days ago I posted an image of Reflection (and Renewal) expressing a need to take a time out from working to think. During these times of contemplation and reevaluation, revelation happens.

Meditate. Take a walk. Go for a drive. Change your surroundings and your point of view.

1. Look closely at your use of time. (I need to stay out of some chatrooms--the ones filled with lonely folks troubled, bored and suffering from lack of self-esteem. In others, much information can be gleaned. I need to choose carefully where I spend my time.)
2. Take a good look at your relationships. Negative? Positive? Surround yourself with positive people (winners).
3. Look at your thoughts. Negative? Positive? (You can change your thinking.)

As ideas show up, write them down.

How does Dan Brown organize his facts, theories, character evolvement* and plot progression? Darn...I'm stumped. Does he have a room paneled with bulletin boards? Does he have to "see" his work in progress? How does he tie events together will working on a plot? Wish I knew his behind-the-scenes mechanics.

My toughest challenge is the organization of ideas. Ideas abound...images are everywhere...

REALIZATION: I need a good editor!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* evolvement--look up in Oxford English Dictionary. By the way, the Oxford English Dictionary on CD is the entire 20-volume set condensed--a plus for any writer.

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