Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hawk From Far Far Away

Fooled around with this hawk image which was taken with new lens. I like it because he is looking right at me. The hawk was at least a quarter of a mile away from the cabin. So, the image is soft. I am looking forward to getting closer to him soon. Sunny weather would be a big help too! Today our skies are heavily overcast.

Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon 2010
All Rights Reserved

2 comments: said...

Put down the big lens and go back to still life images, if you keep this up soon you will be spending thousands of dollars shopping for hunting blinds so you can get closer to the birds, camoflage will become the only clothing color you own and crawling in the mud will sound like a day of fun.
Of course you will become a widow because your husband will learn how to cook and clean on his own and the only friends you will have will be the birds that you have named because you spend so much time with them. STOP NOW. Trust me I know. lol


EBet said...

Oh I love bird watching! Lately I've been enjoying listening to the robins singing their spring tune, and we have to watch out for the bald eagle, it's lambing season and those big birds love a tasty diner of lamb! Cool pic of your hawk.