Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking Ahead and Looking Back--Now

The New Year approaches and I look forward to looking back in time for inspiration. Renaissance and Medieval paintings teach composition and lighting. Light in art and photography is everything. Without light there would be nothing. To become a better photographer pay attention to light illuminating objects and scenes...warm light and cool...hard and soft...light and dark.
Suggestion: Keep a record of what you see. How are you moved? What are you feeling? Can you paint, write or take a photograph expressing these feelings and emotions? If so, do it!
Creativity comes in many shapes and disguises. A couple of nights ago, we had a spectacular dinner, at a friend's home. The dinner was a combination of taste sensations and savory flavors--creativity in action. The woman preparing this meal created a royal feast. Pumpkin soup, turkey, stuffing, gravy, exquisitely seasoned mashed potatoes, a three-layer jello cranberry salad, rolls, blackened brussel sprouts and a baked sweet potato casserole. Everything was made from scratch using natural ingredients. Never have I tasted food this good. She gave her all and the results were breathtakingly delicious. I am honored to have met this master of culinary arts. Kudos to you, Margaret.
The Lesson: We must follow our hearts and go where they lead us. Fearfully stifling who we are (and what we think and feel) is lying to ourselves and others. If we do not dig deep into our psyches, the work is less than our best. It ends up being superficial, or even worse...boring. Authentic creativity is true and honest. Creativity needs freedom to express itself and we, as artists, need courage to share these truths.

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Light and Voices said...

The flowers posted in your blog are so paper thin and absolutely gorgeous.