Sunday, May 17, 2009


Recently I heard a photography hobbyist say, "I have to find something different to shoot. I am in a rut."

Interesting. Perhaps it isn't the subject chosen at all. Instead, it may be time to experiment. Wheb you find yourself in a creative rut, try changing your settings. Write down your choices, then compare the results. Not only will you learn what your camera can do, but you will discover unique results. Using Automatic or Program mode is not challenging. Playing with Manual, Aperture and altered Program settings is. Try may surprise yourself.

Yesterday I was surprised with my morning's landscape in fog. It looks like a painting (which always is my objective). My images to look like my paintings.

Photography can be flexible and it is the shooter's responsibility to discover what their equipment will do.

For those who think photography is easy, think again. Clicking the shutter is not enough. Anyone can do that. Good photography takes knowledge, thought, planning, patience and tons of courage. No two photographs are alike and no two photographers are alike either. Experimentation, diligence and discipline are keys to originality.

So, if you are in a rut...try experimenting with your style. Play. Have fun. Be surprised.

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