Monday, July 13, 2009

Can Neglect Ever Be A Good Thing?

This morning I woke up smiling. After receiving an orchid, a friend promised yesterday to follow my lead and "practice neglect." Most green growing things turn brown around here, however my orchids thrive.The baby orchid (removed and transplanted from its momma's stalk this past Easter) is blooming!

Here is how I care for orchids...please don't laugh. Water every 7-10 days. Water using any pitcher is just fine. Do not overwater. If you are late with watering, don't worry about it. Water as soon as you realize your plants may be getting thirsty...when the soil seems to be getting dry. Keep plants in a window with a southern exposure and don't be moving them around a lot. Do not cut the stalk off after the plant blooms. New growth, babies and blossoms appear on those stalks. In a nutshell, imagine your plants are growing in a forest and treat them accordingly. Would someone trim them in the wild? Does it rain on a schedule in the jungle? I think not.

Bottom line...sometimes a little bit of neglect can be a good thing.

Baby orchid is the lighter bloom.


Light and Voices said...

Thanks for the tip on How to Grow Orchids. Your photograph is cool.

Rebecca Anne said...

I told my Mom about your thoughts--awhile ago--about neglect on Orchids. I think she appreciated them! Who would have thought we humans could smoother even a plant. I like this concept and honestly, I think it could apply to a few more perspectives in life.