Saturday, July 24, 2010

Went to a yard sale this morning. There I found several fabulous photography books (staples actually, when it comes to learning photography and excellent reference books for any photographer). I asked who the photographer in the household was and found out that the lady living there had just purchased a camera and wanted to learn photography. When I asked why she was getting rid of these books, she said. " I looked through them--don't want them." Oh my, she was selling some of the best, most informative books ever published.

Well, you guessed it...I brought the books home. After a quick read through, they will either stay in my library, or be passed on to a serious student. There is always more to learn. What a find!

One of the books contains several assignment sheets--a terrific jumping off place--ideas galore. Having a theme, can be the incentive for heading out to shoot.

Since I am driven by the lure of the perfect photograph, I am flabbergasted when others aren't as driven as I am to learn and do. I know I am obsessed. yet, that obsession is what keeps me going. Without a passion, life would be grey and boring. I sincerely hope everyone has at least one passion--a driving force in their life and that that woman has duplicate copies of these books tucked away somewhere.

* * * * * * * *

Found some props at an estate sale yesterday. Today I will (hopefully) create a still life setup and/or work on an altered art project using what I found. I will post the results.

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