Thursday, November 18, 2010


Emma is wanting to get out of that dang dress and get back in jeans. Dresses are definitely not her thing. Her wings and halo become invisible when her antics commence. She is one mischievous angel.

Here is a little bit of background...Emma is OOAK. What the heck is that? OOAK=One of A Kind. Years ago, while expecting my daughter, I purchased a doll called, "Fanny the Fallen Angel." Every Christmas Fanny sat under our tree. Now my daughter has Fanny at her house. I wanted a doll to put under our Christmas tree and the result is Emma. I first saw a picture of a similar vent figure on a website and fell in love with her. For one reason or another, that order fell through. A year or two later, I stumbled across the maker of Emma online and she is. Wow, isn't synchronicity amazing? This card (first draft) posted yesterday will be for my daughter when completed. My images often change...who knows how this one will evolve. We will see...the elves are busy...

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