Thursday, March 24, 2011

Perception and Understanding

Recently I ran into an unexpected experience. I wasn't prepared. I learned that some people do not like, or understand, still life images. I was shocked. I thought everyone knew that still life images contain symbolism and messages--hidden, or not so hidden. Images are never just things. They are often intense disclosures about one's life, beliefs, thoughts and feelings which materialize because they insist on being shared. Images reveal one's psyche...light and dark... things seen and unseen.

For artists: Get out of your own way...[get out of yourself]. Go with the flow...become immersed in the experience of creating. Let the unexpected happen.

Those who do not understand can go. Care about them, and... Let-em-go. Some folks get "it" and some folks don't!

P.S. A hearty thank you to the people who make me think.

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