Sunday, May 8, 2011

Something to Think About

Oh, how I would like to see folks being kind to one another online as well as in real life. Just because we are somewhat anonymous sitting here at our computers does not give us the right to hurt others. There needs to be a book about online courtesy.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Look around and be thankful for all we have in life. Joy is contagious.
2. Praise the efforts of others. Let the compliments flow. Compliments encourage, support and inspire.
3. Offer constructive criticism only when asked.
4. Just because we think it, we don't need to say it. Think before speaking.
5. There is no need to puff ourselves up by acting like we are experts.
6. Our work speaks for itself.
7. Treat blogs, websites and Facebook pages like visiting someone's home. Be a gracious guest.
8. Being nice does not mean we have to be doormats. When someone is rude (while visiting our "online home"), don't invite them back...simply block 'em (or ignore them) and be done with it.

Someone told me recently that when you post anything online you are giving permission for others to say what they want. No, no no...not true. Where the heck did that idea come from? Posting online is a way of sharing not an open invitation for insults or suggestions from folks lacking insight, knowledge or self-esteem.

So, when tempted to share our expertise, let's think about it first. Dang, we could be wrong....THUD! And...bottom line: Being right all the time is not an endearing quality.

Solution: Start a Gratitude Journal and concentrate on life's blessings...on the good things. Be aware, then share. :-)

P.S. Today I will take pictures of things that make me happy.

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