Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Soundoff--Signed Release Forms

Recently I was challenged about release/permission forms and copyrights. Here is what I was told a long time ago: "If you didn't make it, you can't photograph it and publish, or sell, that photograph unless you have permission (preferably a signed release form)."

RAKU VASE by Peggy M. Slawson

Today we went to a flea market and I purchased a Raku* pottery vase and got a signed release form from the potter before taking the shot. It only took a minute to get the form signed. Keep in mind the energy and effort that goes into creating any original work. Artist and craftsmen deserve our recognition and respect for the what they do. FYI: The artist holds all rights on what they create.

General Rule: For any thing, where you know the creator, or manufacturer, post their copyright notice and info found on the item with your image. If you are going to take photographs of items with trademarks, then you really need to get a signed release before you post/publish the image.

When you have permission, you can publish and sell copies of an image with, or without credits depending on your agreement with the artist.

There are some exceptions to my General Rule above and I suggest that photographers research copyright laws, as well as contact a copyright attorney.

After thought: Copyright laws and their complexities are reasons to take photographs of antiques. :-) And....I love antiques!

* Raku is an old Japanese firing process mainly used it in the making of cups and pots used in the traditional tea ceremony.

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Eaglesbrother said...

Well done !!!..and I pretty agree on the release forms.