Saturday, March 24, 2012

Digital Bromoil--My Name for the Process

Digital Bromoil is the name I call the process of creating images similar to traditional bromoil images.  I coined this term several years ago and am mentioning this fact because a visitor to my blog is planning to research this term and I don't know where she will find it mentioned other than here.  This process is, as far as I know, mine and mine alone.

Creating this look fascinated me several years ago and I drifted away (temporarily) from pursuing it.  Now I'm back at it and will share how it is done once I have the steps documented.   The problem with formulas is they are stiff without room for play.  Anyone visiting this blog knows how much I love to play with images.  Anyway, for anyone who is curious, I am working on the process and will share as soon as I can.  So......................Stay tuned for more information.....

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Suzi Smith said...

thanks elisabeth... i guessed it was your way of echoing an older process.... i have been looking at articles & images for bromoil printing. I do like that look.