Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Unique

Recently I have been reading the viewpoints of various photographers on seeing, light, composition and ethics.  One book grabbed my attention when the author talked about amateurs imitating the work of others.  Often the amateur thinks if this image worked before, it will work again and this is far from the truth.  Because beginners often do not have an original idea, a different approach to seeing and shooting, or the ability to execute a unique quality print, they copy. 

It is fine to be stimulated by someone's work.  It is not fine to imitate someone's style because the imitation will never be as good as the original.  Invariably, the imitation will be dull, lacking the lustre and the brilliance needed to make an outstanding image.  These images will make a resounding "thud."

It is far better to keep shooting and develop one's own style using fresh, new ideas and approaches.  These things evolve as one continues to shoot what appeals to his senses.  Practice makes perfect.  Let's create unique originals.

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