Monday, June 18, 2012


Attended the last day of a three-day antique sale today.  What a surprise.  Found this wonderful, old cast iron Chinese Tang-style horse. 

Old Cast Iron Tang-Style Chinese Horse
Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon

P.S.  Twenty-six years ago I was fascinated with photographs of museum pieces in books.   In the early days, I took photographs using studio lights and soft boxes, then moved into using natural light.  I love still life images and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of shooting them.   This horse image sums up the process. 

I am pleased with how this journey has played itself out and look forward to doing more.  So...the "eureka" is for two things...first, finding this piece at a very reasonable price and second, being able to capture it backlit.

Wishing you all happy shooting!

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Betty Pauwels said...

Oh my what a great find and prop!!!