Saturday, August 4, 2012

Raindrops on House Leeks

Company off and on all week.  Helen picked up the recliner; Marcia and Darrell stopped by for veggies.  Our garden is over flowing with produce.  Everyone, including me, loves the living room.  Letting go of the old is truly a freeing experience!

Instead of seeing life interrupting art, I am focusing on images as they spontaneously show up during each  day's routine, then clicking away.  (Simply a matter of turning things around and thinking differently.  Sometimes it is fun to put the cart before the horse.)

Last night it rained.  Some raindrops stayed on the House Leeks. 


Decided to crop this image into a square for symmetry and cohesiveness.  Years of using a Hasselblad may be why I like square format so much.  Steve Gosling mentioned this in his webinar presentation, "Photographing From the Heart."

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