Sunday, November 25, 2012

Random Thoughts on Creativity and Technology

Technology today is amazing.  I do not know how I would navigate through each day without my iPhone (which is my super mini-iPad) or my new Kindle Fire (an entertainment and reading center).  And...of course...I don't want to overlook computers. They are the core of advancing technology.  I do everything using statements, photography, writing, reading and social banter.   Fabulous!

Software must be included in any praise of technology. Without the software, we would have products without a brain.

With all of these advancements, thinking is still necessary.  This morning I was considering creativity:  something from nothing.  Within the photographic process, which has become a click and print phenomena, there is the need for creative thinking.  So many are shooting and clicking with no thought.  To truly create anything worthwhile, one must think about what they are doing and the goal they wish to achieve.  What mood?  What message, etc.?  Without thinking, all we end up with is an image...nothing more.  Creating an image does not make that image good.  Before all else, we have to decide what we want to say?  What story do we want to tell?   Then, tell it.

My camera has a double exposure mode which I have never used.  I wonder what would happen.  The hands I shot last week involved a lot of running between camera and a table.  It was taken using the timer for self portraits and those family shots where the photographer is included.  I may try out that double exposure feature today, although I realize using Photoshop will produce the same thing and most undeniably more exact.  Using Photoshop layers, one can end up with exactly what is desired.

On that note, I will close thrilled to be living in this age where creativity thrives

Today's Project:  Try using double exposure and see what happens.

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