Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Letting Go (Talking to Myself)

Life lessons have a way of repeating themselves.  Did we "get it" last time?  Did we learn the lesson when a similar situation occurred in the past?  If not, here it is again.  Here we more time.

Letting Go.

The stages of grief, each loss--each trauma must be faced and accepted, step-by-step. Then we can move forward...and go on.
We humans are unique in that we think we can control everything.  Bulletin:  we can't.  Almost everything is out of our control.  How fortunate we are to be here, walking through this experience, learning to trust the process.  Bottom line:  It will be fine.

With acceptance, we move on.  When mistakes and/or traumatic events occur, the compulsion to mull them over and over begins.  It is as if we believe the rehashing will change history.  Wrong.  Worrying will not change anything.  The only way to halt that process is to say silently (or sometimes out loud), "Stop It!" and turn our attention to something else--something productive.   Release those thoughts...let 'em go.  "You did your best, you did what you could,  your intention was honorable so....let it go.  Trust.  Now it is time to do something.  Take a walk, ride bike, scrub a floor, wash the car--get active....Do something!  Time to stop wasting time and energy. Do something beneficial.

Letting go of the excess "worrying" (baggage) lets us move forward.  We are lighter.  We can relax. We can be creative.

Everything Is As It Should Be--All Is Well!  

* * * * 
Notes:  Perfection or Best?
             Living in the Now

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