Sunday, June 7, 2015


Seems like everyone who used to blog has moved into other avenues of social media.  I wonder where everyone is.  Is anyone out  there?

Since the coma, the road back to feeling like the "self" I remember is rough.  Hopefully, I will be able to get there from here.  Currently, I am looking for a hobby--one to occupy my mind and take me away from real life while immersed in creativity..  Needlepoint, cross stitch or embroidery might work.  Drawing is an option also and perhaps painting again.  Holding a Big Boy camera is difficult. My iPhone and iPad are great for creating and I am leaning in that direction.  I want to pull out all the stops and go with mixed media.  So, dear friends, if you are out there, all I can say is: "We shall see...."

I have a still life photograph in the making.  Today I will watch the light and get everything ready for creating an image.  I look forward to posting soon.

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