Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day by Day

Currently organizing and sorting.   Somewhere in the future:  Continue working on book.

Bob's health issues remain the same.

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Unknown said...

Good morning Sunshine
Glad to see you and Bob are getting better.
I miss seeing you guys in the chat room along with a few others, hate Facebook!!!
Found a photo forum. "Ugly Hedge Hog" some good photographers there but mostly snap shots, not worth looking at really. I tried to help a few that I thought had potential Ha Ha, a waste of time. Oh well win a few lose a few.

My body is starting to wear out,If I had known I would using it so long I would have taken better care of it when it was new, left knee is giving me hell,hands ache etc. but not letting it stop me (yet).
Sharon and I went to the White Water Championships last month, the mile hike to the river and the climb down the rocks let me know I'M getting old, got some good images. Hope I can still do it Next year.
Take Care