Monday, October 20, 2008

Define Your Dream--Define Yourself

Image by Elisabeth Bacon
All Rights Reserved

Dreams come true. We make our dreams come true. Here are some ways to manifest what you want:

  1. Plan, Make Lists, Be Specific
  2. Commit, Show Up
  3. Be Determined, Persevere
  4. Focus, Become a Laser Beam
  5. Learn and Grow--Knowledge is Power
  6. Be Aware, Pay Attention, Be Vigilante
  7. Believe, Visualize, Affirm, Listen
  8. Follow Your Heart

    (Do you see the pot formed by the words in 1-8 above? Squint and look again.)

Be the Clay, Mold It, Fire It, Fill It and ENJOY!


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I find the irony that you posted this today...and just yesterday I spent a few hours with my pen dangling from my mouth, occasionally writing dreams and goals down...interesting.

For me, there is far more power and meaning in a dream sculpted out in manner of written form then one just floating around in my mind...

Beautiful as always,

Maria said...

How creative this is...I'm sitting here smiling just looking at the shape and absorbing the words. Are these your words? So Poetic....on many levels....I also believe we make our dreams come true. I have trouble with your number 4. Focus....become a laser beam....I like that ...that's a beam of light..isn't it? :) Maria