Friday, October 3, 2008

Seeing the Positives

Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon
All Rights Reserved

"People only see what they are prepared to see."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Start seeing differently--look closely. Walk around your home. Walk around your neighborhood. Creative, inspirational gems are everywhere.

My mother used to say, "Look at nature." Fall fields of grasses may take on a rust cast. Trees are cloaked in coats of many colors. A variety of textures and colors sit side by side. Symmetry, texture, color, design, patterns, movement, composition, darks and lights--can be found in nature. What combinations of colors do you like? Sit for a while...savor the moment. What do you see?

Today: I will take time to look around my world.

1 comment:

Markiesnana said...

I'm seeing the local world up close by daily walking with a group of people.
It makes you realize how much you DON'T see when you pass by in a car.
Enjoyed your blog.