Monday, November 9, 2009

Sepia Hay Rake

The hay bales are on the way out. In their place are hay rakes and balers--heavy duty equipment. Yesterday morning the sun hit the rake and part of it looked like bright metal sunflowers. So...I took color shots, then converted them into a rich sepia. (Have to insert this comment...the other day I gave instructions on how to achieve a good sepia print and after that article was read, I see people doing the same old, same old weak sepia prints. I am stunned. Were my suggestions vague? I don't think so. Conclusion: creating quality, deep sepia images isn't as easy as one would think. On the other side of that coin...perhaps some folks like a washed out look.)


Gallow said...

This one is spectacular. I like abundance of dark space that sets off the rakes.

Eaglesbrother said...

I like your metalic Sunflowers..grin..
Good job on the Sepia.


deepazartz said...

Good shots here!!

Nice to go thru your blog.
Have a great day!

Deepa from