Monday, November 2, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

Miniatures. This term is running around in my head as I search for a word, or words, to describe my work. Miniatures are found in illuminated manuscripts and also are water color paintings and portraits done on ivory.

How about Photographic Miniatures in this digital age? Big is not always better.

Photistic is a descriptive term I like also, and photism. Photistics (I created this noun from the adjective) may be perfect.

Still thinking...

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Gallow said...

I think your on to something.

When I'm posting photos to my blog, many times I think, "This photo would look much better at a larger scale." At the same time I think that there are others that would work better at a smaller scale.

I think that it's more difficult to do something well in a confined space. So, to do miniatures well in photographs would be a real challenge, and could produce some very interesting results.