Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Artists Play

This morning I was reading about the importance of play for artists. Part of play is seeing. Seeing what is visible and seeing what is hidden. For instance, The Staff image started out as a photograph of rumpled, white plastic shopping bags.


After taking the pic, the play began with: Edit, edit, edit in Photoshop. First I took away any excess--anything not wanted while developing an abstract composition of shapes, forms and looking for interesting textures in the image.

Next, add details. Experiment. Crop and rotate. Repeat desirable patterns. Enhance. Refine. The result is often much better when we play than when we take total control of the process.


Note for today (and every day) is: Play, play, play!


Gallow said...

Great advice!! I have to make more time for play.

Light and Voices said...

You go girl! Creativity is what makes you tick. As always, excellent post.
Joyce M

Carolyn Ford said...

Absolutely amazing! I love to play! This is so creative...