Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Finds 3 -- Happy First Day of Spring

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Yesterday we purchased some pots. My orchid is three years old and has sprouted a baby. Its roots are crawling outside the pot's parameters searching for new soil. I am thrilled because orchids are supposed to be difficult to grow and care for, yet mine has flourished. What I decided to do during its dormant phase was to let it go--let the plant do its thing. Pretend it is growing in a jungle. And...look what happened.

Look what Bob found atop our dumpster--two spindles of brand new, spankin' clean lace...Another FRIDAY FIND for sure:


Eaglesbrother said...

Wonderful Post today...very beautiful new Baby.


Light and Voices said...

Your orchid looks like a haiku poem. Excellent photograph!

Rebecca Anne said...

Your orchid bloomed too? I went to my Mothers last night because she was beyond delighted and thrilled because one she's had for a very long time bloomed for the first time as well.
Must be in the air~

Fifi Flowers said...

Happy Spring!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love the orchid baby, and I can't believe someone would throw away that lace! Great find!

Love your blog, Elisabeth. You've got some wonderful photographs here.


Sheila :-)