Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sometimes It Is Easy and Sometimes Not

Papers, papers, papers....everywhere. Have been thinking a lot lately. Organization, clarity, purpose, and intention. My main concern is a subtitle. The subtitle should tell precisely what the book is about. How can I condense my plan into a few words? My initial purpose was to write about the artist's journal, however after creating the title page, I realize there is much more I want to say and those limits are not sitting well with my psyche. My main purpose is instead to share thoughts on seeing and taking art photography to a new level. Grrrrrrrrrrrr... Frustration. The creative process is such fun [sarcasm]...the answers will come.

Okay, now to the easy part:

Spring is here. This is my favorite time of year. I get excited, productive--revved up. Buds are everywhere. My greatest joy is celebrating the return of hydrangea. Last year the poor thing nearly didn't make from home to ground. Now, new spouts of bright green are stretching up from beneath the soil.

Fog has blanketed our home again. Thick fog...the kind you can't see through at all...pea soup..."can't cut through it with a knife" fog. Perhaps there is another fog shot out there. Seems a lot of my shots are fog shots. We don't get much snow, but fog...that's another story. I will go out and look around.

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