Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Is anybody out there?

Sure would like to hear from some of the silent "stopper-byers."

While I am vacuuming and carting away "stuff," please say hello and if so moved share what you are doing. Are you out shooting, have you chosen a theme to motivate you? Are you painting? Sketching, singing, dancing, composing music? I would love hear. Please leave a link to your journal so I can visit.

P.S. Can hardly wait to get back to creating...shooting...and working in Photoshop. Every time I take a break, I miss art terribly.

Remember: Be good, do good, then do better.


Eaglesbrother said...

Yes...I am here...look across the room...lol...here I sit.
I feel the same way sometimes when people come and view and never leave a comment..makes one wonder what we do this for...is it to have an outlet for our thoughts?
Is it to show others what we are doing?..just why do we do the Blog thing?

Martha said...

I'm still out here. I have just been in comment back only mode lately. It's a give and take thing - not that I don't always enjoy your beautiful photography, just busy and have so many blogs on my list that I appreciate for so many different reasons. Not to mention my addiction to the memes and posting way too much myself!

Please keep posting but be sure to visit and comment on others to develop regular readers (friends ;-) and just to get more traffic on your blog :-)