Friday, September 14, 2012

Artist's Day In

Today is an Artist's Day In for play.   This morning I purchased a journaling book for my Kindle and immediately dove into it.  Such fun it is reading about different approaches to journal creating.  I used to grab everything about journaling available, then that obsessive exploring stopped.  Today I am re-entering that world and am pulling out brushes, paint, pencils and pens.  Swirls of color on paper...  Light and dark...thick and thin lines emerge. Whenever I experiment with opening my subconscious I am amazed at what surfaces. Close your eyes...what do you see?  Sometimes I see colors and sometimes I see images.  What do you see?  Put what you see on paper...try it, you might like it.  I know when I see images, I have to do a setup sharing what I have seen.  When I delay, that image stays with me until I release it through a photograph, or drawing.

Lately when looking at photographs I see much lacking in what is being shown out there.  Perhaps the technical side of photography has taken over.  I don't know what is happening, but I am not seeing many meaningful images. People are not delving deeply into their thoughts and feelings and sharing them through their craft..  When you rip yourself open and express your feelings, you connect with others.  Without that exposure, photographs fall flat....what are you saying?   Something or nothing?  Too often I am seeing expressions of nothing--a snapshot...a brief moment in time perhaps, but where is the feeling?  Where is the message?  What do you want to say?

While working creatively keep these things in mind:  What do you want to say and what are you seeing and shooting to express those thoughts? 

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