Saturday, December 8, 2012

Antique and Estate Purchases

What a week!  Went to an estate sale last Friday and stumbled across this tin in the basement.  It is in excellent condition and I was drawn to its Renaissance style.  The border design around the sides appears to have been taken from a woodcut and the image on the top is a scenic including early European architecture.


Then, yesterday I acquired a horse box from Needful Things.  A few months ago, I saw this horse in a cabinet near the checkout counter and was interested in it.  I had never seen anything like it before.  It seems, at that time, the horse was homeless.   The owners did not know which dealer owned the horse.  It had lost its tags.  Yesterday, I stopped in and asked about the horse...lo and behold, they had found its owner and it was still there waiting to be sold.   So.............of course I bought it.  I suspect this is something super nice (a museum-quality piece) but beyond intuition, I don't have a clue.  If anyone has any information about this box, or knows of something similar for comparison, please let me know.

Update:  Found a similar (similar but quite different in the decoration details) item listed on eBay as an antique trinket, or snuff box.  I suspect this may be a medieval item handcrafted by one craftsman with each horse being unique.  I could be wrong, but hope not.  Will continue researching.  The research (the hunt for information) is half the fun. 


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Betty Pauwels said...

Wonderful new finds. Your bronze horse is a treasure!!!