Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hooray...Journaling Again and Loving It

I used to write in this online journal every day sharing images, adventures, thoughts, ideas, quotes and discoveries.  Then, a dear friend began doing every thing I was doing.  Now, one would think this would be complimentary and fun and at first it was (I suppose). However...after a while, copycat (shadow) behavior is annoying.  I mean really...no one wants a perpetual shadow.  The problem is that by being a copycat, the copier stifles his (or her) own ability to have an original, transforming thought.  Copying becomes a way of being--a habit.  And...the copier becomes boring with nothing new to add to the mix. 

Thank goodness I woke up, distanced myself and temporarily stopped sharing.  This, I think, was a somewhat unfair decision.  I like to share.  So, now I choose to let the unseen "shadow" folks eat my dust.  I have too much to do.  And...time is precious and not to be wasted on nonsense. 

So...here we are again.  It is time to resume sharing what I learn, the books I read, the places I go and the things I find along the way. 

If any folks, decide to be shadow copiers, so be it.  Their loss. They are only hurting themselves.  Being inspired is a good thing.  Copying, on the other hand, leaves much unstated in what turns out to be a half-ass replica by, or of, someone else. You can only be yourself.  A copy never has the spark and sparkle (or the soul) expressed by the original. 

Better to be inspired.  Be Yourself!  Do the Work.  Learn your Craft, then......Grab an idea...  Run with it....  Transform it....  Push it forward--Do something fresh and new.  This is how one's "style" emerges.  Put your heart and soul into your creation and do something that excites YOU!  Then, any praise received is honorably deserved.  You will create something that is truly your own. Go for it...do it.

Suggested Reading:  Any photography books by Brooks Jensen (editor of LensWork).  Mr. Jensen talks about deeper levels of photography (beyond settings) and the creative process.  Available as e-books at www.amazon.com

Steal Like An Artist, by Austin Kleon.  Available as an e-book. 

Suggested Learning Site(s):   www.creativelive.com

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Random Thoughts and Topics:
Knowing the Techniques, clicking the shutter, or picking up a pencil without any training, thought, planning or feeling, does not a good image make!
Know the Camera, Lenses, Techniques
Explore your Dark Side through your art.
Express/Share/Evoke Universal Feelings.
Use a Combination of the Senses.
Mix and Match (Color Wheel, Josef Albers).
Art and Abstracts (Leonardo Neirman)
Movement and Composition
Improvement (Practice) and Experimentation (Risk)
Sharp, Sharp and Sharper

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