Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not My Thing--Doing It Anyway

Sunrises and sunsets are not really my thing.  I started shooting them every day (a New Year's Resolution) to keep myself photographically busy as I grappled with my father's Alzheimer's and finally his death.  I am so glad I set this goal (although I haven't always been able to shoot every day).  Photography gets us out of ourselves as we focus on other things.  Through photography we heal.  We start seeing again (often in new and different ways). 

Now, I am feeling more like myself and am getting ready to do still life images.  I love still life.  They tell a story.  They can evoke deep and/or superficial emotions and meanings.  I am so looking forward to returning with fresh eyes and instincts.  This may be my time to visit the Shadow Side of Self--an exploration into the psyche.  How cool is that?  An adventure!

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