Thursday, November 19, 2009

Abstract Update

This could also be titled ARTIFACT and I may type that on the left side of this image, as room has been left to include a header. This Chief's Staff was created from scratch using Photoshop and other plugins. It was basically painted in Photoshop and not created using any photographs of feathers. Instead, the feathers appeared and as I worked with them, they continued materializing (similar to finding a statue in a block of marble). As with painting and sculpture, this piece evolved from nothing (photo of bag) into something.

Original Artwork by Elisabeth Bacon
All Rights Reserved


Gallow said...

Wow!! This is amazing, and very creative. Great work! Does this give you new ideas on how you might want to approach other pieces?

I really like it.

Light and Voices said...

#2 in abstract series. Are there going to be more? You go girl! Excellent piece of work.

Judith HeartSong said...

Oh this is excellent! As always the creativity with which you live your life never ceases to impress me........ looking forward to seeing where this all will lead over time!