Monday, February 9, 2009

Close Up/Macro Challenge

If you would like to see the photographs entered in the Blogger's Community Photo Challenge, for closeup or macro images, click here.

Macro photography can be tricky. Photographing a flat surface is best. When an object is curved, challenges galore pop up while striving for sharpness and clarity. Personally I prefer close up photography using either a 70-200 or 24-70 lens. Most of the time my macro lens hides in my camera case. However, this morning it went into action.

Above is an antique saffron tea container from the 1800s. It was lathe-turned by hand. The term for this type of turned wood piece is treenware.

Next is my "miracle" ring. Years ago I decided to treat myself and purchased this gold ring from an antique shop outside Chicago. The shop owner told me the piece was handcrafted and less than five had been cast. Someday I am going to meet the person who made this ring, I thought. Now...where that thought came from is beyond me.

Time passed. day...while visiting an old friend's shop, his clerk announced, "Harvey, she is wearing your ring."

"What?," I said. Wow! Harvey emerged from the back room his hand extended. Sure enough...there it was...on its creator's ring.


MariesImages said...

Your ring, reminds me of a pin i purchased years ago. It had an Art Nouveau style, like this ring.
Enjoyed your story of the ring.

Both images are lovely, you captured the richness of the wood in both & the beautiful detail in the ring.
Nice job~

Light and Voices said...

Harvey had the same ring and you were going to meet the person who had the same ring. What a unique story. Elisabeth...photographs are beyond excellent! You have been busy even IF you weren't feeling well. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

nancy said...

That first one is interesting. I love the details on the ring. Nice blog.Nancy

Eaglesbrother said...

I like the Saffron tea container a very nice wooden piece with great wood patterns.


Vicki said...

Betty, I totally love the story of the ring, as well as the photo...but I do like the tea container better as a photo. I love the rich color of the wood and the beautiful turnings of the workmanship. Beautiful entries.

Carol Patterson said...

I really like the Tea container, the light is hitting it just right.

Nice shot-Carol