Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Occasionally I run out of ideas. Actually that happens every month. There is a cycle. Tons of ideas flow in, then Writing down ideas as they appear helps. Then, when brain freeze sets in, it can be thawed by reading the list.

One thing I want to explore again is altered images. It is fun playing with photographs, borders, type faces, antique illustrations and words. Perhaps today I will play.

Drawing and sketching is another outlet. Shifting into other modes of expression often sparks new ideas in photography. Creativity exists in all fields. It is all on the same street. Everything is connected. Tap into one area and you tap into all.

TODAY: Pull out books on altered art. Put the pen collection, inks, watercolor and tinted pencils to work. Activate creativity. Change a photograph. Write a poem. Haiku?

Here's a thought...Perhaps there is an eighth sense? If the sixth sense is ESP, perhaps the eighth sense is creativity. Sounds good to me.


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Oh I like that 8th sense. I know the feeling that my well of creativity has run dry in the writing department. I am the very definition of a sink that runs two streams of water. Hot or Cold and very rarely do the both come on together.

Playing is good and I hope you're exploring today brings about beautiful inspiration.

Light and Voices said...

We move in cycles. Create and let go. Create and let go. Enjoy the hiatus! Agreed that there must be an eighth sense. What a cool idea, Elisabeth.