Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Under the Weather and A Friendship Book

Have been ill for a while and am getting tired of it. This may be Nature's way of saying slow down. Yesterday I tried to convince myself that I was "all better." That didn't work for more than two minutes.

Today's Plan: Sleep (again) and drink lots of liquids. AND...Get Well and Back to Normal.

* * * * * * * *
RESEARCH: Found a wonderful little book on Friendship, titled THE BLESSINGS OF FRIENDSHIP, at my favorite resale shop a few weeks ago. I believe it to be an antique, however am not sure and would like very much to learn when it was published by the Cupples & Leon Company, New York. Cupples & Leon Company was founded in 1902.

A red two-cent stamp was stuck inside the cover next to a Christmas and New Year's inscription with no date. Darn...darn...darn.

The outside cover has the title and an illustrative swirl of blue forget-me-knots. I would love to share the cover and title page of this little book , but haven't due to copyright issues. If anyone has any info about this small book, I sure would appreciate it. Would really like to know when it was published.


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I hope your feeling better....MUCH better.
As for the book, no idea here. Have you tried the mainstay Googling it? There's a lot of old books speciality websites out there. Otherwise, I'm not sure how you would find out.
Now, REST, don't push it and take care.

DB said...

Elizabeth when I get tired of being ill iys the beginning of getting better.