Monday, April 13, 2009

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Thanks goes out to my friend, Joyce, who got me excited about carrying a tiny point and shoot in my purse. What fun! Was able to catch local shots easily and unnoticed the other day (see Saturday's post). The shot that gives me the most pleasure and brings a smile to my face is the one of hydrangeas taken at a stoplight near Chicken Filet. What a hoot that was...stopped for the light, saw all those bright green floral balls, said "wow," rolled down the window and it. The light changed and we went not missing a beat. The weather shots were taken in Walmart's parking lot...LOL...that breaks me up.

Another credit: to Sean Kernan whose blog and work makes me think...thank you Sean.

Surprise, surprise photography requires thinking...thinking and planning.

Thanks too to Eaglesbrother, whose creations keep me pushing forward...hopefully growing and learning.

A special thanks goes to Jack Flynn who taught me watercolor eons ago...back in the Dark Ages...his advice and instructions stay with me always.

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